A collection of garments inspired by the utilitarian net bag that seems to expand endlessly to carry your shopping. Charmed by this expansion, I have created a series of garments that mimic the same effect. The net structures swell as they move and follow the curves of the body. Transforming from a two dimensional flat piece into a supple garment. The garments act as a layering tool, to style with existing outfits. As the nets expand and contract, the intricate netting mingles with underlying garments, revealing a new arrangement as the net sways under its own weight. The nets are compiled from a supple rope that is hand stitched at every point of connection, creating various patterns. The different bindings subtly shape the nets into form fitting silhouettes. 

Due to their fluidity and flexibility, the garments are all-inclusive, they adjust to any size and are unisex. They can be worn over or under garments, close to the skin, peaking out underneath layers or sway over the entire outfit. Their styling inspiration follows the proletarian world of work wear- sturdy denim, bright work jackets, rolled up sleeves and over sized shapes. These elements compliment the boldness and delicacy of the nets and together create a new vision on layering.


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